Replacing your roof can seem like a very complicated and lengthy job to do. With our Roofing Process through CertainTeed we can make it look easy. Broken down into three parts you can learn how we install roofs that last a lifetime.

1. Strip: To start every roof replacement job the first step is to rip off all the old roofing material you are replacing. Stripping the old roofing material takes away any unnecessary weight on your roof, as well as allowing us to see any problem areas like rot or holes below. Any pieces of plywood that are damaged will need to be replaced with a fresh piece to make sure your roof is starting from a strong foundation.
2. Weather Protection Layers: Now that you have a solid plywood foundation the most important thing is keeping it dry. On the whole of your roof we lay down water resistant synthetic underlayment on top of your plywood, designed to keep moisture out while maintaining breathability from the inside prevent moisture build up around the plywood. Six feet up the rakes of your roof and in any designated problem areas Water Proof underlayment is added as a second layer of protection against excess water and ice dams.
3. Shingling the Roof: Once your roof is covered in underlayment you can begin laying shingles. The first style of shingle to be installed is a specialty starter strip shingle that is installed 360 degrees around the base of your roof. These starter strip shingles are larger and designed specifically to seal and lock into the shingle row above. CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles are installed in a diagonal fashion above the starter shingles all the way up to the ridge of your roof. To finish off the shingle portion of your roof installation a specialty hip and ridge shingle designed to be more flexible to lay across the ridge of your roof without cracking.


Roof replacement comes down to more than just replacing your underlayment and shingles.
Chimneys on your roofline will be cut, tucked, and properly sealed Roof will be checked for proper ventilation prior to replacement Efficient and thorough clean up process means you won’t be left with a mess

Customer Reviews
What our customers are saying

The CML team did an outstanding job!! Chris’s knowledge and experience make it an easy decision of who to have put a roof on. His team is professional , on time and get the job done. Not only did the team fix my roof that had shingles falling. But they also fixed/ re did the flashing around my chimney. There a lot of business out there and it can be hard to trust some one with such an important decision. 100% Trust these guys to get the work done correctly and on time! Did I mention $0 down and $0 payment for a whole year!?


Robert S

Chris and his team were fantastic to work with. He was super responsive and immediately got back to me, fitting me in for the next day. Todd came by and explained what he was seeing and presented me with options for my new roof. The crew that came by was quick and professional and my roof was done a week later in one day. Chris then came back by to make sure I was happy and didn’t have any concerns. I would recommend CML Roofing & General Contracting to everyone!

Caitlyn P


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