Before we can compare these two different roofing options it is important we know the features of them individually and what features we want to compare. When most people are thinking about shingle options it usually comes down to a combination of looks, durability, features and price.


Offers the traditional shingle roof look in a variety of colors most commonly in grey or black
Made with a minimal amount of material that carries on average a 15-25 year warranty
Ease of installation means most jobs can be completed in 1-2 days The cheapest upfront roofing product


An Architectural shingle that offers the same classic asphalt shingle look with Max Def Colors that add more vibrance to the large variety of available colors
Made with double the amount of asphalt and tar as the 3-tab model and come with a 50 year warranty
Has four specialty features to improve the life of the shingles and increase the ease of installation. A NailTrak mark across the top of each shingle act as nail markers making it easier and faster to nail in each shingle. Built in StreakFighter that protects shingles from any growth or unsightly algae for 10+ years.
CertaSeal asphalt sealant designed to bond and seal shingles together to prevent wind blow offs. Finally each layer of these shingles are adhered at four individual points which protects against delamination.
Due to the increase in the amount of material used CertainTeed Landmark Pro shingles are a more expensive upfront shingle roofing option but less expensive when compared to a roofing style with a similar warranty, metal sheet roofing.


Looks: both options have similar looks as they are both asphalt shingles, however with the more defined and vibrant color technology and the added layers due to the install method of the Landmark Pro your roof will look more appealing for longer.

Durability: Even if both shingles were made from the same quality of material the Landmark Pro architectural series simply uses more of that material giving your roof added protection and life, as well as a 50 year warranty compared to a 15 year with the 3-tab style.

Features: Certainteed Landmark Pro offers industry leading shingle technology that add protection from algae, wind up to 130 MPH, and by making them even easier to install with the NailTrak strip that generic 3-tab shingles do not match.

The 3-tab shingle style is the cheapest upfront cost option, however when you compare the lengths of the warranties the Landmark Pro has double the expected lifetime giving you greater value in the long run.


Everybody values these attributes differently, you may really care about all the shingle features and your partner couldn’t care less about anything other than the color.
However through this comparison you can see in a majority of cases the CertainTeed Landmark Pro is the right choice for your roof. With a longer lifespan, higher quality colors, unique features designed to protect your home, and almost double the value of the 3-tab shingle you won’t have to worry about your roof for a lifetime.

Customer Reviews
What our customers are saying

Chris and his team were fantastic to work with. He was super responsive and immediately got back to me, fitting me in for the next day. Todd came by and explained what he was seeing and presented me with options for my new roof. The crew that came by was quick and professional and my roof was done a week later in one day. Chris then came back by to make sure I was happy and didn’t have any concerns. I would recommend CML Roofing & General Contracting to everyone!

Caitlyn P

The CML team did an outstanding job!! Chris’s knowledge and experience make it an easy decision of who to have put a roof on. His team is professional , on time and get the job done. Not only did the team fix my roof that had shingles falling. But they also fixed/ re did the flashing around my chimney. There a lot of business out there and it can be hard to trust some one with such an important decision. 100% Trust these guys to get the work done correctly and on time! Did I mention $0 down and $0 payment for a whole year!?


Robert S


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